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Boost Rewards featured in the December 2011 issue of Loyalty360 Magazine more...

Boost Rewards is named Dayton Business Journal's Minority Owned Business of the Year 2011 more...

Boost Rewards is featured in the November 2011 issue of Dayton B2B Magazine

Anita Emoff makes the 2011 industry Hot List more...

Anita Emoff joins the ranks of the Wearables Magazine “Best Dressed” more...

Boost Rewards recognized as one of the "50 Fastest Growing Women-Led Businesses in North America"!

Boost Rewards
named as Finalist for DBJ Business of the Year in two categories - Rookie and Minority - more...

Anita Emoff, President of Boost Rewards, named a 'Rising Star' by PPB Magazine - more...

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Channel Partnerships

Selling BOOST

Your opportunity to sell Boost as a value added service to your customers begins with a clear understanding of what conditions make for a successful Channel Partner Opportunityrelationship. A successful Boost implementation requires vision and commitment from your customers.

Key principles to ensure success

Minimum budgets – the name of the game is to influence behavior over time. In this regard, companies need to apply a meaningful budget. If employees engage in a program and receive minimal or insignificant incentive, the program will not achieve its objectives.

Demonstrated commitment – a Boost program needs to be thought of as an integral part of corporate culture. True success with any incentive program is its adoption over time. This is especially true for wellness and other ongoing performance programs where the long term goal is to build a stronger culture around these behaviors.

Leadership support – If the executive team does not believe in the program, the management team will not execute it with passion. If the management team does not execute the program with passion, their teams will not embrace the behaviors as a part of their work. At Boost Rewards, we make a concerted effort to garner this level of corporate support as a sign of future success.

Measures of success

  • Increasing participation over time – the most important measure of success is 100% participation in a given program. We work with Boost customers to set and achieve participation goals that move toward full engagement.

  • Consistent review of program priorities – Like all vital initiatives, we encourage Boost customers to review their programs and priorities over time; typically on an annual basis. With Boost reporting tools, customers can gain powerful intelligence to help them better achieve the participation that best serves their priorities.

    Boost Employee Participation
  • Industry expertise and technical strength
  • Finally, the Boost Rewards team will participate in any phase of qualifying and presenting the Boost solution to your customers. Boost, as a division of Shumsky Enterprises, has more than 30 years experience in incentive and recognition programs. We are recognized experts in the field of relationship marketing.

    Additionally, Boost is built on and benefits from a proven and proprietary e-commerce platform. The Nova e-Commerce Platform processes millions of transactions and is hosted in a co-located and secure data center.